Proudly nestled in the Northeast Bronx among well-maintained one and two family homes, the P. S.  87 family reflects the hopes and dreams of its Caribbean immigrant community.  Bordered by Mt. Vernon on the north and Yonkers on the west, P. S. 87 blends the calm of the suburbs with the excitement of the city, with all of New York City's cultural riches a bus ride away. 


     To provide each student with an academically rigorous curriculum that provides opportunities for growth and instruction that develops the skills and strategies to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. 

     To provide students with numerous and varied opportunities to develop a love of reading, mathematics, the arts, the study of science, and social studies.

     To provide opportunities to gain an understanding of themselves, their social and emotional growth and the complex world in which they live.


We are a vibrant community of first and second -generation immigrants eager to grasp all that this new home offers.  The majority of our families hail from the English Speaking Caribbean.  Also represented are families from other cultures such as Central America, Pakistan, Guyana, and Africa.  Many of our parents and grandparents were educated on the island of Jamaica, bringing with them a rich traditional British education.  This tradition nurtures a healthy respect for education and strong work ethic.  Our parents are very responsive to and are supportive of the school's high expectations for academic excellence and good citizenship.


The administration and faculty of P. S. 87 devotes energies and resources to provide students with a quality education utilizing best practices, quality materials, as well as scientifically proven programs and methods.   Our goal is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of a world that is constantly changing.  Our expectation is a classroom where all students achieve high academic standards based on targeted, differentiated instruction.  Students work in our technology and science labs and in our music room where they learn to play the keyboard beginning in kindergarten, recorders in third grade and violin, viola, cello and bass in fourth and fifth grade.


P.S. 87 implements a Common Core aligned curriculum in English Language Arts and Math.  Teacher Teams meet weekly to review lessons and make adjustments when necessary to the curriculum based on student data.  Struggling students are also provided with Academic Interventions during the school day and after school to support them in meeting standards.  Our ELA and math curriculums are supported by our Social Studies and Science curriculums.  Students also receive instruction in our designated science lab, music and art rooms and gymnasium.  Our school wide Science Fair brings teachers and parents together each year as they conduct experiments using the scientific method.  All teachers use SMART boards to deliver inter-disciplinary lessons while students have their own laptops that provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners. Teacher Teams use Google docs as a school wide collaboration tool for lesson and unit planning. 

Social Emotional Learning

Emotional intelligence, which is the ability to manage the emotion of one’s self in a healthy and productive manner, is as much an indicator of personal success as is intellectual quotient.  Social skills are stressed through our Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) in an attempt to make our students aware that we are an inter-connected community and, therefore, have a responsibility to respect ourselves, our community and the world in which we live.

Strategic Collaborations and Initiatives

In recognition of one of P. S. 87’s primary challenges, providing multiple entry points in American culture and needed background knowledge, we have established several collaborations with New York cultural institutions.  Learning does not only occur within the walls of the school building.  P.S. 87’s “Going Somewhere” program enables teachers to take advantage of the many cultural institutions in New York City to expand the curriculum and expose students to rich learning outside the classroom walls.  This year our school is collaborating with the Asia Society. 

Taking full advantage of the school track designed by former students and located in our Community Park built as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s Plan NYC initiative and the Trust for Public Land, P.S. 87 partners with the New York Road Runners Foundation and participates in competitive track events around the City.

Two second grade classes partner with the Bronx Botanical Gardens and Trust for Public Lands to create a community garden in our playground. Students receive “hands on” instruction in the garden with a Garden Educator and classroom teachers make connections to the Science and Social Studies curriculum in the classroom. 

The hallways of P.S. 87 are adorned with work by students in K-5 through a partnership in the visual arts with Studio in a School. 

The vision of extending our music program to include an orchestra was realized this year through collaboration with Education Through Music.  Students in Grades 4 and 5 learn to play the violin, viola, cello and bass. 

This year is the second year of our dance collaboration with Music for Many.  First and second grade students participate in dance culminating in a performance for parents.  These performances are connected with a trip to see a Broadway production.

Students in the 2014-2015 school year will be introduced to Robotics through a collaboration with V-Tech. 

 Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is highly valued at P. S.  87.  The school enjoys an active and supportive PTA /Title 1 Committee.   Parents are included in all aspects of “school life” through volunteering within the school, escorting school trips, creating community building events and attending parent workshops designed to provide information about the curriculum and to provide strategies that support them in their roles as the first teachers of their children.  Fathers are supported through our “Fatherhood in the Twenty-First Century” initiative.  In fact, one parent stated, "This school supports families.  It is still growing, both academically and socially.  This is a beautiful school.”

A recent graduate, Cheyenne, sums up our school best.  She said, “You learn so much and create new dreams and make them come true.  If you are in trouble, someone will always be there to cheer you up.  In the beginning you don’t know much and you are shy.  You can start coming out and learn and be creative.  The best part is that you learn and learn and learn until you reach your final destination.  There will always be a part of this school that is so tremendous.” Cheyenne Acosta, Graduate, June 2014. 


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